CBK Foundation for Democracy and Justice

The Foundation is a UK registered charity, managed by a Board of Trustees, comprising;

  • Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, Chairperson
  • Prof. Lord Meghnad Desai- UK
  • Lalith de Mel- Sri Lanka
  • Mano Tittawella –Sri Lanka

The Foundation has an International Advisory Council of eminent persons such as

  • Justice Kamal Hussein (Bangladesh)
  • Mr. Mohammed Yunus (Bangladesh)
  • Dr. Nadeem ul Haq (Pakistan)
  • Mr. Henri Rouille d’ Orfeuil (France)
  • Marek Belka, (Poland)

The Foundation’s registered office is in London – UK.

Its operational office is situated in Colombo – Sri Lanka and will operate in the South Asian region.

Objectives of the Foundation

  • Promotion of Democracy: We promote Fundamental Freedoms, Democratic Institutions and Values..
  • Poverty alleviation: South Asia has the largest number of poor in the world and is also one of the two regions with the largest number of conflicts. It is thought that the extreme levels of poverty are a major cause of conflicts in the region.
  • Conflict resolution : Educational & cultural programs to promote understanding between diverse communities living in the region, to build Unity in Diversity..
  • Women Empowerment : through education and economic empowerment.

Our objectives will be achieved by formulating and implementing suitable projects.


Funding for the projects will be obtained from local and international agencies.

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